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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Year 2009

Better late than never......
I am teaching 5 Diamond this year, in case you are still unaware.

I miss my ex-students!!!!! My first batch of P6 is in JC 2 or Poly Year 1 (going to Year 2 soon) now. My second batch of P6 will be sitting for "O"s or "N"s. My third batch of P6 is in Sec 2, which is the streaming year. My fourth batch of P6 is in Sec 1, starting a new chapter of their life.

Do take care of yourself and I wish you all the best! I miss the times with had together.

Some photos taken on 23 Jan:

Thanks for the great fun we had(during your LPS years, under my tutelage) and thanks for making a trip back to LPS.

Kim Hock: Nice of you to still sms me.
Jia Li: Thanks for making the effort to come despite having another appointment.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Some class photos

My 3 pretty ladies! Aishah, Jolen and Jia Min

Class at Singapore Discovery Centre

Waiting for.....INJECTION!

Girls, you had been strong!

Mateen...He is very sporting!

Ren Kai and Alex!

Analysing results......

Artistic, isn't it?

Benson, Linus and Ren Kai

6 Amethyst,

It will only be a few more weeks and you will be graduating, ending your chapter in LPS, starting another chapter in your secondary school.

It started off as a shock for all of you. You've got me as your EMS Teacher, not Miss Chuan, as most of you expected and wished. It was my first time taking a P6 class without taking the class in P5.
You were faced with a demanding teacher in areas of academic and discipline. Always pushing you to do better than before, never letting you be contented with what you have achieved. What a pain in the neck! HA!

As I look at the photos and videos I have taken, I realised that though we were together for less than a year, we have shared many moments...happy...sad...angry...silly....moments. Fond memories. Will miss you gals and guys......your antics, laughter....(Sounds like it is the last day today.....)

Continue to work hard! Your future lies in your own hands.
Guess we have to say a big "thank you" to Ms Ng for having made the decision for me to take 6 Amethyst.

Children's Day 08

Hi all,

Know that it is a month after Children's Day.....It is always better late than never.......
This year, the teachers gave each pupil a t-shirt....again....yes....again......Like this idea and thinking of making it a tradition.....Wonder will it ever be a tradition.
The group photo is not available yet. Only have a few photos of some pupils in the t-shirt and the star keychain!

Some pupils stayed back on that day for extra lesson. 6 Amethyst is really a hardworking lot. Wish them all the best for their PSLE! ;>

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Teachers' Day 08

This post is specially dedicated to my ex-pupils.

6A n B 03:

Thanks for coming. Seeing you growing up is my great pleasure.
Kim Hock, Cheryl, Herman, Aaron, Kenneth, Yi Hui, Melina, Gong Tuo, Jiong Hong and Jolin. I had a nice chat with you people. Stay in contact.

Thanks to Atikah. Love the emails and note you wrote. Thanks for your chocolate.

Thanks to Xian Zheng, Benjamin and Jonathan. Nice to see the note too. Wonder if you will ever read this. The note on the door made my day.

It is a pity that I don't get to talk to the four of you. I left the school at 6 pm that day. I am contactable still.....Get my handphone number from KH or Cheryl. Otherwise, my email add is:

6 Ruby 05:

Thanks to Edwin, Hidayah and Valarie. I am glad that I had a chance to chat with you. Great cheese cake, Valarie!

Saw Karthik and heard that Peiyi was in LPS but did not have the chance to talk to them.

Did chat with Benjamin and Weilun some time back.

6 Diamond 07
Thanks for "welcoming" me at the porch. You had great fun, I suppose!
Thanks for waiting for me so patiently too.
Stay united. I love you all!

Sameer--always there for me when I needed his help.
Nicholas, Ashleigh, Jenna, Yan Han, Ellise, Ryan--nice seeing you.

Met Yang Ming, Samsam, Hanyu and Bryan at the Science Centre. Wonder why Bryan is so shy.

Teachers' Day Celebration by 6 Amethyst 08

Thanks to 6 Amethyst 08.
Thanks for the celebration all of you have planned.
Thanks for accommodating to my commitments (Robotics Finals).
Thanks for the "spray spray"........Remember--Don't spray at the person. Spray into the air.

Cake ordered by Faiz's mum. Thanks a lot!

Class photo

Thank you

Firstly, a "THANK YOU" for all of you who are reading the blog. Thanks for being so patient with me.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

SINGAPORE FLYER a moving experience at every turn

Photos taken commercially.......

Friday, May 23, 2008

Singapore Flyer!!!

P6s went on the Singapore Flyer on 22 May 2008! Enjoyable (but scary) trip!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

6 Amethyst Arena

Some photos!

Videos are too big.....more than 100MB. Will think of a way to upload!


It's heartening to see the tags. Thanks Guys and Gals for missing the time we had year(s) back.

Yusuf: The door is always open for you...Yang Ming and Bryan have come back on Fridays......
Victor: Nice seeing your tag.......
Crystal: Nice seeing you that day.....
Nicole: 6 Amethyst is bullying me......

Understand that all of you are busy. HCI is having Open House this coming Sat.....Guess my 4 boys are busy preparing for the big day......

You have found new friends and with heavy seems difficult to meet up......We are always wired......I still go to your blogs to check out what is happening to you.......

I have also seen Victor and Jun You walking home together and Jingyu and his brother crossing the road.

Keep in contact!

I miss you 6 Diamond 07!!! And 6 Ruby 05!!!! And last but not least 6 B and A 03!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am back!

Hi all,

I am back. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Excuse? What do you think?

I am currently teaching 6 Amethyst. Believe that most of you know about this already. Any of my current pupils "complained" to any of you yet?

Nothing much has changed. Older already and special thanks to Shawn for making an effort to remind me and I must say that you can count!

Everyone is so busy nowadays that I really wonder if this is what we want in life. Why can't all of us be free and energetic enough to meet up, exercise, go hiking, tour....anything leisure and connect with people and yet, most importantly, have sufficient "cash" to lead a comfortable life?

What do I really want? What do you really want?\

Remember--Life is Good!